Becca Stimson

February 01, 2021 - 218 views

Secret Show Songs - Saturday at 4:00pm

I discovered musicals probably a little later than most people – at the age of 16. I took my love of the stage to the University of Chichester to study for a degree in Musical Theatre, but soon realised my talents were more suited to the office life.

A few years of interning and being a receptionist for various theatre producers led me into Fundraising for one of London’s most loved subsidised theatres. During this time, I also discovered a passion for mental wellbeing, and in 2019 I took the decision to take my Fundraising experience to a children’s mental charity, my current job, which I absolutely love.

Pre-pandemic, I was still holding onto my love for theatre by performing in community shows, and I am also a proud member of West End Musical Choir. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Box Office Radio team presenting Secret Shows.


My Favourite Show: Songs For A New World / Groundhog Day
My Favourite Song: Now You Has Jazz – High Society
My Favourite Musical Movies: The Pyjama Game
The First Music I Ever Saw: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang