Review - La Clique - Leicester Square Spiegeltent, London

La Clique - Leicester Square Spiegeltent, London

Making a return to Leicester Square for the festive season La Clique is an outstanding evenings of cabaret performances. Taking place in an intimate Spiegeltent surrounded by a Christmas Market you fully enter the festive spirit with this show.

The show is opened by David Pereira with a hauntingly beautiful ariel silks performance. His physical ability is shown perfectly here, with strength and fluidity in the air it is a wonderful opening to the night ahead. David returns in the 2nd half with a hilarious comedy act based around shaving that leaves nothing to the imagination!

There are some very clever puppetry performances from Cabaret Décadanse, a Canadian pairing who bring their exquisite puppets to life singing catchy tunes like ‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’.

Aaron Marshall brings us an impressive handstand routine showing off his strength and intense strange presence.

Chaos then enters the arena in the form of Tara Boom dressed as an old style popcorn girl, with a wonderfully eccentric hula hoop routine that leaves the audience crying with laughter at the insanity of what they’re seeing before them – a highlight of the evening! Tara returns in the second act with a more serene act, using an umbrella which she balances on her feet while lying upside down she shows incredible levels of dexterity and control, it’s a marvel to watch.

Another stand out of the evening is LJ Marles who performs 2 spectacular ariel routines, the first being a hip-hop based routine that is high energy and full of shocking moments that delight. The second routine is performed while wearing 8 inch platform boots, it’s a breath-taking and beautiful performance. Flying above the heads of the audience LJ is mesmerising.

We are also introduced to Chastity Belt, a singer who delights in being amongst her audience, interacting and playing with them before belting out incredible songs with a voice that demands attention and applause. Her costumes are high glamour and sparkle from head to toe, a true cabaret diva.

The fantastic Yulia Pykhtina takes to the stage performing a hula hoop act with marvellous flair and talent. It makes for a beautiful performance as the hoops create patterns and swirls in the air around her.

The intimacy of the venue makes it feel as though the audience really are a part of the show. There are moments of danger, beauty and pure delight. Its 2 hours of perfect cabaret performances and really is a must see!

This show was reviewed on the 15th November 2023.  La Clique runs until the 6th January 2023.  Tickets available here: Tickets - La Clique Cabaret & Circus | Official UK 2023 Tour Website (

***** stars

Rosie Browne

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Photo credit: Jody Hartley