Phantom Theatre Gets a Facelift

February 11, 2021 - 243 views

Both the Theatre and the Show Will Get a Revamp Before Phantom Reopens.

When it returns to Her Majesty’s Theatre, currently scheduled for June 2021, The Phantom of the Opera will have a brand new stage design aimed at blurring the “boundary between stage and auditorium”.

A planning application that contains proposals for the refurbishment of the theatre highlights that the change will be made to enhance the show’s connection to the audience.

It states: “As with the original 1986 production, the new set design will not be limited to the stage area and will move into the auditorium, covering the proscenium and parts of the boxes. This is important to the production which, for dramatic effect, requires a connection between stage and auditorium – this is particularly important for The Phantom of the Opera, which seeks to blur the boundary between stage and auditorium such that the auditorium and the audience become part of the production.”

Details of the planned works to the listed building have been revealed in a planning application submitted by owner LW Theatres to the local authority, Westminster City Council.

The refurbishment will include alterations to the proscenium arch, boxes and orchestra pit and the repainting of the ceiling.

Work on the proscenium arch focuses on the scagliola – the imitation marble at the front of the stage – including stabilising fixings for its horizontal sections, removing remaining elements of its vertical section for storage and conservation, and restoring and reinstating missing sections.

The application states: “The new set design offers the opportunity to accommodate the production sound equipment in the scagliola section niches such that the lower two boxes can be used as originally intended. The previous production used these boxes to accommodate the sound system.”