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Alan Horner
2 weeks ago
Lovely to hear all about the streamed production of I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical just now - I can highly recommend it!
Shane Riley
2 weeks ago
Just entered the competition, it was tricky but good fun!
James Watson
2 weeks ago
I'm telling every I know about Box Office Radio, what a great idea!
Hannah Bakewell
2 weeks ago
Just set up my new Alexa speaker to play you....loud!!
Sophie Newman
2 weeks ago
Please can you play the SiX soundtrack non-stop?
Kennedy Young
2 weeks ago
I love the theatre and now I love Box Office Radio. Great presenters and the best music.
Jennifer Thornton
2 weeks ago
Just the best station for everything stagey - love it!
Bev Taylor
2 weeks ago
Great to hear Tim McArthur on Box Office Radio
Lucas B
2 weeks ago
Wonderful music from all my favourite shows and more!
Dan Lovell
3 weeks ago
Can't believe the variety of show tunes....thank you.