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Jonny Potts
6 days ago
Great to have a station like this, I'm completely hooked.
Terri Marsden
6 days ago
I live in London and love Box Office Radio! The music is much more varied than anything we've had previously.
2 weeks ago
Loving the Sunday morning breakfast show tunes!!!!
Calum Lucas
3 weeks ago
This is a godsend! Finally I've found a new station that makes me feel like I'm with the community I belong in! As for the discussion on Barnum this afternoon, I'd love to see how Ben Platt would do playing Barnum!
Ian Houielle
3 weeks ago
Sending greeting from Northern Ireland. Great to be able to listen to you Colin. Best wishes, Ian & Adrienne
Ian Streeter
1 month ago
It was great to hear a production that I was part of played on the Radio. Thank you Box Office radio
Graham Heath
1 month ago
Great to have such a top notch MT station. I think it'll be come HUGE!
Louise Mitchell
1 month ago
So happy to have found Box Office Radio, I work form home so have it on all day and never get bored!
Noel Buckley
1 month ago
I used to be a Magic fan, but no more. The music on Box Office is much better suited for me
Rachel Brown
1 month ago
Box Office Radio is a breath of fresh air, great presenters and a brilliant choice of music