Review - Witness for the Prosecution - London County Hall

Witness for the Prosecution - London County Hall

As a musical lover, plays aren’t often my first choice for an evening of entertainment. I miss the music, dancing, and spontaneous singing that happens far too many times to be natural, but Witness For The Prosecution goes to show I’ve definitely been missing out.

From the moment we enter London County Hall, we are transported into a real-life courtroom and ready to watch the story unfold and decide, for ourselves, whether Leonard Vole is guilty or not.

As soon as Harry Giubileo makes his first appearance as Leonard, we are hooked on him and nothing else. He makes Leonard a loveable and naive gent, whilst also showing the genuine fear and terror he is experiencing throughout. Harry is utterly captivating and shares a Leonard that you can’t help but feel sorry for, especially when his no-nonsense, determined wife makes an appearance. Madeleine Walker shares a charismatic, confident, and fierce Romaine Vole, with a huge personality and excellent comedic timing. Although we do not see many scenes involving both characters, their interactions across the courtroom are magnetic, leaving you invested in a love story you didn’t know you needed.

The pair face off against Sir Wilfrid Robarts (Jo Stone-Fewings) and Mr Myers (Nick Sampson) who are commanding, imposing, and impassioned in their arguments, keeping the audience guessing as to which side is in the lead. Terence Wilton plays a fantastic Mr Justice Wainwright,  who presides over the court with a perfect balance of stoicism and humour.

Aside from the exceptional casting, the staging is immaculate. The incorporation of simple movements between cast members highlights the considerate choreography, providing seamless transitions between scenes, locations, and characters. Perfectly punctuated with sound effects and music, the atmosphere is electric from start to finish and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

The story itself is a constant rollercoaster with twists and turns you could never anticipate. As we arrive at the interval, predictions have been made as to how the story will end, but as we prepare for Act 2, we’re ready to be proven wrong.

By the end, my jaw is on the floor. The ending has blown my mind and I want to experience the show all over again. A spectacular setting and phenomenal performers help set this show apart from everything else I’ve seen. I was completely transported and look forward to another visit to London County Hall very soon.

This show was reviewed on the 20th April.  Witness for the Prosecution is currently booking until the the 28th April 2024.  Tickets available here: Witness for the Prosecution Select Your Tickets - KX Tickets (

***** stars

Jasmine Richards

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Photo credit: Jay Brooks