Review - Wishmas - The Old Bauble Factory, London

Wishmas - The Old Bauble Factory, London

As we head into the festive season, as a parent its always difficult to try and find something new and somewhere different to take the children for their annual visit to see Father Christmas. Wishmas certainly ticks that box and provides an exciting walk through experience.

Situated in the Old Bauble Factory in Launcelot St, London it's just a snowballs throw from Waterloo station making it extremely easy to get to, however if you want to take the car and drive you might be lucky and manage to find a parking space even closer, but be careful as parking spaces are very limited.

As you enter through the gates of the factory, you are transported to a magical Christmas world with twinkling fairy lights and jingling sleigh bells. You are met at the gates by some of Santa’s elves in full costume, including some very realistic pointy ears. There are some lovely photo opportunities to be had whilst you wait and even the possibility to sample some mulled wine or a vegan hot chocolate, which was very rich and delicious, just what we needed on a cold November evening. There are the usual facilities and I would recommend taking advantage of the complimentary cloakroom to leave your coats and bags.

The story behind Wishmas is to explain to you what happens to your wishes and how they make their way to Santa. We are told that this isn’t just your Christmas wishes, but your birthday wishes and all your other everyday wishes too.

You start your journey by heading into the wishes sorting office where another of Santa’s Elves takes you through the process and introduces you to some of the Robins who collect the wishes and deliver them to the sorting office. From here you are taken to the Wishmas skytour train, which is an experience similar to the Shrek Adventure but the story is told by another elf who is on board with you. The train rises into the sky and we are treated to a wonderful aerial view of some of London’s famous landmarks and then onto a display of the Northern Lights. These are  shown on large screens to mimic the carriage windows. Once we left the train part of the adventure we made our way through various rooms to help solve different puzzles. Finally we entered a room and were joined by Santa himself. If I’m honest he’s not a typical Santa you would expect to find, but he was nonetheless very convincing and kept everyone entertained. We even managed to make it snow with the help of some ‘Santa Magic’. The ticket we had did not include a private meeting with Santa, these are available at an additional cost. We did however get to make our very own Wishmas bauble and my daughter enjoyed this very much.

Once the Bauble is made you are directed to the Wishmas market where there are various stalls selling different Christmas items. There is also the opportunity to buy hot drinks and assorted cakes and pastries. I highly recommend the warm mince pies!

The performances given by Santa and the Elves are very good, they are extremely entertaining and well-rehearsed.  The overall script is well written.

The experience is brought to life by the team who also create The Secret Cinema immersive experience so it comes from a good pedigree. Each room has been beautifully designed by the creative team under the direction of Elgiva Field.

The whole experience takes around 70 mins without the private audience with Santa.  My daughter Violet who is 8, thoroughly enjoyed it which I guess is the most important part.   Wishmas - A brand new Christmas experience for London.

**** stars

This experience was reviewed on Tuesday 21st November 2023 and runs until January 7th 2024. Tickets available here:

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Photo credit: Matt Crockett