Review - The Time Traveller's Wife - Apollo Theatre, London

The Time Traveller's Wife - Apollo Theatre, London

First a book, then a film and now a musical, Audrey Niffenegger’s Novel translates well on to the stage. The show centre’s on a love story between Clare and Henry who is a time traveller. The pair’s journey begins as a younger Claire and an older Henry meet and through time travel, years pass as Clare is older and Henry is younger and doesn’t know who Clare is, an already complicated story jumps back and forth as their relationship develops.

Joanna Woodward is fantastic as Clare. It’s a big role with some gritty and jazzy songs. She manages to connect well with the audience through song. One of the highlights being ‘I’m In Control’, an outburst as Clare is often left waiting for Henry as he transports back and forth. The story naturally gravitates to this climax and boy did she hit the mark. David Hunter’s Henry is flawless, he has some good one liner’s and as Henry’s power is beyond his control, he often finds himself in some funny situations. One of the highlights of act two is ‘Journeyman.’ Hunter’s vocals are amazing, the uses of projections are visually stunning and Shelley Maxwell’s choreography is visually electric.

The story is hard to follow in places, as everything seems to escalate so quickly that there isn’t enough time to process it. Some of the scenes lack authenticity as there is no time explore dynamics and establish connections with the characters. I also feel that some issues aren’t handled very well in the piece. Tim Mahendran and Hiba Elchikhe make a great double act as Claire’s long term friends Gomez and Charisse. A special mention has to be to Holly-Jade Roberts as young Claire and Alba. Her performance was perfect and she is definitely someone to look out for in the future.

The set is clever and the crew has a real job on their hands with all the tightly timed set changes. I love the use of projections on the minimal background and with the use of a revolving stage we get a clear sense of each location very quickly. The scene changes are seamless and are done in such a classy way. The cast, especially the leads are pretty impressive as the musical jumps from past to present so quickly, the stage craft and movement is so well timed, it’s simply magical.  

This love story will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions from laughter to tears. The second act pieces together better than the first one. The piece is intense and dramatic at times with the perfect musical score penned by Dave Stewart and Joss Stone.

This show was reviewed on the 2nd November 2023.  The Time Traveller's Wife runs at the Apollo Theatre, London until the 30th March 2024.  Tickets available here: The Time Traveller's Wife | A New Musical | Official Website (

**** stars

Sam Sadler

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