Review - Everybody's Talking About Jamie - National Tour

Everybody's Talking About Jamie - National Tour

It’s not hard to see why everybody is talking about Jamie. This incredible show brings the true story of Jamie to life, a boy whose only dream is to be a drag queen and at the age of 16 decided to wear a dress to his school prom.  Despite facing adversity he pushed forward, contacting TV directors and inviting them to make a documentary which was picked up by BBC3 in 2011.  The story connected with thousands of people and now it’s a smash hit musical as well as a musical film.  

We first meet Jamie New on his 16th birthday in his careers class, when asked what he would like to do with his life we have the opening number of ‘And you don’t even know it’ which perfectly sets the vibe for the entire show. High energy and powerful with fantastic choreography from Kate Prince, every member of the cast works perfectly together. Throughout the show we are treated to some large group dances as well as more intimate contemporary pieces later on too.  

Ivano Turco has a star turn here as Jamie, a character which requires comedy as well as vulnerability. Ivano is the perfect casting for this role as it gives him an opportunity to show off not only his fantastic acting but also his masterful singing talents. He brings us along on his journey to drag queen, ensuring we feel every emotion he does as we enter his glittering world.  

Loco Chanel is an aging retired drag queen, who now owns a dress shop and when Jamie is looking for his drag persona Loco takes him under her wing and mentors him to success. John Partridge takes on this role and feels brilliantly cast. John has an incredible vocal range, and this is used to its full advantage in this role.  

Every song in this show is perfectly formed with music by Dan Gillespie Sells and lyrics by Tom Mcrae.  They all have their own unique sound and don’t feel out of place in the story. Rebecca Mckinnis has reprised her role of Jamie’s mum Margaret, and she does an incredible job, in particular ‘My Man, My Boy’ stands out as a highlight of the evening. 

Anna Fleishle has designed this show with careful thought to the storytelling of the piece. From the classroom, to the kitchen of Jamie’s home, every detail has been thought about and helps bring us into the world of the show.  

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is such an important story, especially in today’s world where queer people are facing more and more adversity every day. This show really is a little bit of glitter in the grey of the outside world and it’s the perfect way to spend a couple of hours in the theatre.  So come out of the darkness, into the spotlight and buy your tickets now!  

This show was reviewed on the 15th February 2024 at the Peacock Theatre, London where it runs until the 23rd March 2024.  Tickets available here: Everybody's Talking About Jamie - Peacock Theatre - Sadler's Wells (

Full tour details can be found here: Tour Dates & Book Tickets - Everybody's Talking About Jamie (

***** stars

Rosie Browne

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Photo credit: Matt Crockett